Kindle Specific Map Style

One of the great things about Open Data and OpenStreetMap is that you can control what the map looks like. You are not limited to just what the data looks like and you can customise it yourself.

I have made a custom Mapnik style file that's optimized for Amazon Kindle display.

Here's a sample image of the new Kindle OpenStreetMap style:

As you can see it's all greyscale (like the Kindle display) and it's very sparse, so it's easy to see the roads and the streets. The default OpenStreetMap Mapnik style is great for the web, but the colour scheme isn't suited for the Kindle. Since we're making a book of pages (rather than a slippy map where you can zoom in), I tried to show as much street names as possible, and used Mapnik's dynamic label text resizing. Once the new Mapnik Text Placement stuff is in trunk, it'll allow some really nice new stuff.

I used TileMill to generate the style. You can use OpenStreetMap in TileMill via PostGIS or with Shapefiles, I used PostGIS for this because it fit into my workflow/scripts. TileMill is a very easy to use and great for rapid prototyping mapping styles (and it's easy to install TileMill in Ubuntu).

This map style is used for my Kindle Maps of various cities:

All street atlases:,,

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