CSV data dump of all the pubs in Dublin (from OpenStreetMap)

In order to calculate how to walk across Dublin without passing any pubs, I had to know where all the pubs in Dublin are. I used OpenStreetMap data for the locations of all the pubs.

After publishing that route, many people contacted me asking for the data of all the pubs in Dublin. This can easily be done with OpenStreetMap. So here's the data. This is the data for Co. Dublin, which is more than I used for walking across Dublin. There are about 450 pubs in Co. Dublin in OpenStreetMap.

Download the CSV list of pubs in Co. Dublin



Since this is a subset of the OpenStreetMap data and hence a derived work, then this data is copyrighted under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 licence. For more information see the OpenStreetMap Copyright guide

You can obviously re-use this data yourself. See the creative commons guide for more information on how you can remix this data.

Data completeness and correctness

Since this is from OpenStreetMap, it is a volunteer created and volunteer edited. There might be pubs that are missing, some pubs might

If you find missing data, please help OpenStreetMap by fixing it. See the OpenStreetMap Beginners' Guide for how to start helping.


This is not an officially sanctioned (by Revenue), it might have errors etc., if you're bringing legal action against someone, there is probably better ways to get this data. This won't have the same as is on the list of licenced premises from Revenue.

Data format

This is a CSV file. Lines are ended with \n, fields are separated with ,. There are no quotes (") around values.

  • First field is the latitude. Positive for north, negative for south (all are positive in this file).
  • Second field is the longitude. Positive for west, negative for east (all are negative in this file).
  • Third field is the name of the pub (if available)


Download the CSV list of pubs in Co. Dublin

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